Adventures of Marco Polo

The “Adventures of Marco Polo” is an epic tale of incredible discoveries taken from Polo’s journals. You may never find anything quite so fascinating as the story of this memorable adventurer discovering the massive land known as China! Live the experience through this amazing production that highlights Marco Polo’s dangerous encounters and heartfelt love story, all brought to life through original orchestration, magical dance, precarious acrobatic feats, and stunning visual effects! Witness this historic journey that boasts an international cast of more than sixty magnificent dancers, highly skilled acrobats, and Chinese illusionists showcased in over three hundred lavish costumes! This stunning Branson show takes place using state-of-the-art production techniques, including all the action shown on a fifty by thirty foot, million dollar LED screen! The audience feels pulled right into the story as Marco Polo travels the country that entranced him, encountering an interesting collection of characters in one thrilling adventure after another. The “Adventures of Marco Polo” is an epic experience, and it’s only in Branson, Missouri!