Adventures of Marco Polo

The “Adventures of Marco Polo” gives Branson audiences the epic and ancient story of one man’s recorded account of his travels through Central Asia and China. It’s a drama, an adventure, and a love story that uses carefully crafted dance, music, costumes, and acrobatics to depict the colorful tales of “Marco Polo,” sharing it all in magnificent detail! With scores of stunningly beautiful dancers and performers throughout the production - over 30 international cast members - you’ll delight in the colorfully detailed costumes twisting, turning, gliding, rolling, and flying across the stage! Witness the massive stage transform from one scene to the next, with spectacular backdrops and props, and lavish colors and effects that make every small detail come to life. You’ll feel as though you’ve been propelled right into the middle of the action as Marco Polo travels the countryside, encountering an interesting collection of characters in one thrilling adventure after another, and everything you see on stage comes even closer on the fifty by thirty foot, million dollar LED screen!

Pulled from “Marco Polo’s” personal journals, this production is an undeniably gorgeous work of art that will dazzle your senses from beginning to end! Experience the exotic, one-of-a-kind “Adventures of Marco Polo!”