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52 Genius & Affordable Hacks For Your Next Trip

Every day it seems that someone has the latest greatest “hack” to make things easier, to do things cooler, to make life simpler; it’s all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and just about every other social network site; there are even a couple of TV shows about hacks. You may have also heard the phrase “work smarter not harder.” So let’s hack your trip, whether it is to Branson, or almost anywhere.

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A Buck or 2 a Hack

On the Road

We have gathered some ideas for making the ride to and from, and while you are at, your destination easier for all the passengers. And most of these re-purposed hacks will only cost a buck or two.

1. Cereal Container Transformed to a Trash Can

Repurpose a Plastic Cereal Container

You are going to be in the car a while. The littles and bigs are going to snack. There will be some trash. Now where to put all those string cheese wrappers and apple cores?
Take a plastic cereal container, pop the top off, line it with the plastic bag you get from the grocery store, pop the top back on and open the pour spout, and ta-da; a car trash can! Brilliant! Then when you stop for gas or potty breaks, just pull the bag out and dispose in the proper receptacle. (Stuff a few extra bags in the bottom of the container before you line it with the initial bag to have spares on hand.)

2. Hangable Pocket Organizer or Sanity Saver:

Pocket Organizer for Seat Backs

Simple yet great way to store road trip necessities and they are within easy reach of the littles in the back seat or the bigs across the way. Stash the beverage container, crayons, small toys, travel games, books, snack packs, or DVDs. You can attach the pocket organizer to the headrest with the carbineer clips we will talk about later.

3. Multi-Purpose Toothbrush Holders:

Toothbrush Holder is now a Straw Holder and More

Other than the obvious, to hold your toothbrush, there are other uses for these handy containers.

Don’t you hate when you leave the drive through and they forgot to give you a straw. Or for when you are grabbing a soda or water bottle from the cooler on the road and a straw would just be so handy. And when you travel with littles, seriously, a straw can be a big help (something magical about a straw to a little). Pack a few in a 2 piece toothbrush holder and keep them in the car for just in case. Since you have a couple extra straws, I’ll tell you in a bit what to do with them to save some of your jewelry.

Want to pack some cotton swabs? Pop them in the toothbrush holder (with your toothbrush even) to keep them together and straight.

4. Shower Caddy or Lunch Time Hero:

Shower Caddy as a Fast Food Holder

You are on the road and it’s close to meal time. The little one wants that kid’s meal which comes with the toy, but you don’t want the mess. Introducing the dollar store shower caddy! *triumphant music inserted here please* These are great for holding a kid’s meal, including the drink in one place and not getting grease on your upholstery. Yea! Parenting Win!

The shower caddy can also be handy for keeping crayons, small activity books, travel games and the sort in one place.

5. Sponge & Zipper Bags Freezer Pack Hack:

Simple Sponges, Water, & Zip tight bag makes reusable ice packs.

You have a 12 pack of dollar store sponges and some zipper bags, and you are packing a cooler for the road trip to Branson. Those blue gel freezer packs cost so much and what if one breaks and that strange blue goo gets on everything?

Have no fear, this hack is here!

Soak the sponge in plain water and place inside the zipper bag. Freeze. They will melt but the water will stay in the zipper bag and will be reabsorbed into the sponge. When you get to your location, pop them in the freezer and they are good to go again.

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