52 Genius & Affordable Hacks For Your Next Trip

8. Neat Hack with a Shower Cap:

Shoes in the Shower cap

If the hotel doesn’t have one, these can easily be found in a dollar store (10 to 12 in a package) and it is not just for keeping your hair dry. Place your shoes in the shower cap to keep the rest of your items clean. Wish I knew about this the first time we vacationed on the beach, I think I brought home enough sand to start my own beach. Don’t forget that the space inside the shoes can be valuable real estate for packing small items too.

9. World’s Smallest Make-up Case:

Contact Lens Storage

You are only going to be gone for the weekend, do you really want to pack all of your makeup into a make up bag and have that take up space in your luggage? Minimize the need for all those tubes and containers with a contact lens holder. A bit of foundation or concealer, a piece of lipstick, bit of liquid blush, and you’ll only need the same amount of space as a tube of lip stick. If you are really tight on space in your bags, with some strong shears you can cut the contact lens case in half.

10. Keepin’ it Fresh with Dryer Sheets:

Again, I am not suggesting you do laundry while you are on vacation in Branson unless you wish to, but a dryer sheet or 2 in the bottom of the luggage will keep the whole bag smelling fresher. Or tuck a couple in one of the zipper bags you have from earlier and use them towards the end of the trip to keep the odor of the “used” items down to a minimum. You can also tuck them in your pocket as a bug repellent if you are heading out to the hiking trails in Branson. In a bit we’ll cover another use for dryer sheets.

11. More Jewelry Storage Hacks:

Keep your jewelry safe

If you happen to have extra straws from your trip to the dollar store, you can use them to keep your necklace from tangling. Simply thread one end of the necklace through the straw and fasten them together. This will save you time from trying to untangle your favorite neck bling, when you should be on your way to a show or dinner.

Another trick is to use one of the clickable storage boxes, tuck in a bit of tissue and place your pretties inside so they don’t slide around. Or if you have an extra button, either from your sewing kit or in the junk drawer, you can pair up earrings on each button to keep them together.

12. Keep Your Cool with a Hair curler/straightener Storage Hack:

Oven Mitt keeps Straighter cool

When you travel with a hair flattener, straightener, or curling iron, and need to head out and don’t want to leave it on the vanity [they can leave a mark] tuck it in a oven mitt. These are rather handy to have in the suitcase anyways. Just make sure it is well made, perhaps with silicone in it’s construction. Then when you’ve curled, straightened, flattened, whatever you do to your hair to get ready, in the mitt it goes.

Hooray for Science
Hooray for Science

Now for a bit of science… curling irons can get up to 280° to 300°F and some as high as 400°F, a cloth oven mitt can protect up to 200°F unless it gets wet. Some oven mitts are made with heat-resistant silicone, thus are resistant to 500°C which is equal to 932°F. I’ll let that sink a bit.

13. Packing a Bottle of Adult Beverage:

Safely Pack Adult Beverages with a water wing

This may not be an issue for most; I mean if you want to drink adult type beverages, there are plenty of places around town to pick up something. But let’s say you are celebrating a special occasion, and you’ve been saving a bottle of vino just for this trip (don’t forget the corkscrew, if you did, to the dollar store!). If you have any bubble wrap left [and you haven’t popped all the bubbles, so hard to resist] or a padded envelope from your latest online purchase (just snip a bit from the bottom of the envelope so the neck of the bottle can fit through), you can use it as a makeshift sleeve for the bottle so it will not break while in your bag. A child’s water wing will work in a pinch as well. Just slip the bottle into the un-inflated water wing, and blow it up a bit to provide cushion.

14. Aww Who Ate All My Tic-Tacs:

Tic Tac Containers for Smalls like Bobby Pins

One of our dear friends has gobs of long flowing hair, and she uses like 20 bobby pins to keep it all in place. She told us she uses an empty Tic-Tac container to hold all her pins and keeps it in her purse or travel bag. (Just don’t pop the top and try and eat them like a Tic-Tac.)
These handy containers are also great for toothpick storage. And for those who are camping, they are wonderful for storing spices and herbs for cooking.

For our photo taking friends, these containers are also good for keeping extra memory cards and thumb drives safe and handy.

15. Pack a Portable Power Plant:

Pocket sized Power Plants

These days we cannot leave the house without some sort of “smart” device, be it our phone, tablet, or phablet (tablet size phone). Then when you are away from an electrical outlet and that power indicator starts flashing red; *gasp – panic sets in* Don’t panic, just be prepared. Take a visit to your favorite electronic store or big box store and pick up a decent portable charger. Feel free to ask the geeks with the blue shirts at that one big box electronic store, or if you are tech savvy, at least make sure it can handle charging 2 devices at once or one device twice. These are typically as small as a thin deck of cards or a long lipstick tube and come with a short cord to plug into your device. If you want to “go green” they even have solar powered phone chargers (those cost a bit more.)