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The National Tiger Sanctuary is a Branson, MO area attraction that’s incredibly unique and entertaining, as well as lovingly maintained and protected. It’s Southwest Missouri’s only facility that’s expansive enough to shelter large, exotic animals in a habitat as close as possible to that of their home in the wild. Guests can safely visit with these large and gorgeous animals as up-close-and-personal as safety, for both people and creatures, allows. The loving, trained staff and volunteers of the Sanctuary work carefully with each animal to ensure it gets properly fed, given affection, and provided with professional medical care whenever necessary. Their mission is to provide a safe, stress fee, and forever home for big cats and other species.

The “National Tiger Sanctuary” houses an African Lion, a Black Leopard, a Bengal Tiger, and several Bengal/Siberian Tigers, as well as several mixed-species animals. Guests can observe these stunning creatures and their distinctive behaviors, and enjoy seeing how they’ve adapted to their return to nature after enduring an inhumane, caged existence. To keep visitors and these magnificent creatures safe, the Sanctuary allows viewing no closer than three feet away. Close contact, including petting the lovable cats, is tempting and may be allowed at other facilities, but it’s never a completely safe situation for anyone; adults, children, and even these wild animals that will always have a natural instinct to protect themselves and their young. Cuddly and domesticated in appearance, the “National Tiger Sanctuary” never forgets that their furry friends are still the wild animals nature intended them to be.

The Sanctuary is also home to several domestic animals that found their way onto the grounds and into the hearts of staff, volunteers, and visitors alike! Different tour and educational experiences are waiting to be discovered at the “National Tiger Sanctuary,” as well as the opportunity to help support the organization financially or as a volunteer. Visitor experiences available include safe-distance feeding, classroom-structured activities, and property tours. This one-of-a-kind attraction will make you feel happy and truly thankful that someone found a way to give these animals the type of home they deserve! Enjoy a truly phenomenal experience at the exceptionally educational and entertaining “National Tiger Sanctuary” - you and your family and friends will be talking about it for many years to come!


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  • 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm Tour Times


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Awareness Tour

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Child: $12.00

Prices do not include tax. Child is ages 3-12.

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Watch Feeding Tour

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Watch Feeding Tour - Senior Ticket

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You Feed Tour

Adult: $53.52
Child: $53.52

Prices do not include tax. Child is ages 3-12.

Behind the Scenes Tour

Adult: $111.51
Child: $111.51

Prices do not include tax. Child is ages 0-12.

Day with the Director Tour

Adult: $250.00
Child: $250.00

Prices do not include tax. Child is ages 3-12.


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