Clay Cooper excitement in Branson

The name will change to the "Clay Cooper Thatre" on the newly renovated thatre when it opens March 6.
The name will change to the "Clay Cooper Thatre" on the newly renovated thatre when it opens March 6.

“The one thing consistent about Branson,” says Paul Miller, General Manager, Branson Tourism Center, “is change that in the vast majority of cases results in a better entertainment experience for Branson visitors.” Miller is excited about what is going on with the Clay Cooper show this year and he’s not the only one. Clay Cooper, interviewed by phone while he was at the American Bus Association Convention in Washington, D.C. earlier this week said, “We’re just so excited about the new theatre and the lineup of shows we have.”

Cooper’s excitement is not just from moving from where he was in 2009 into a new theatre. The “new” theatre is the old “Osmond Family Theatre” located adjacent to one of the busiest intersections on the famed “Branson Strip.” The Osmonds sold the theatre and will be performing at the Music City Centre Theatre for 2010, their old theatre is undergoing extensive renovation and will be renamed the “Clay Cooper Theatre.”

In talking about the extensive renovations of the theatre Cooper said : “I think it’s really going to turn some heads when they drive by and see what we have done to this place.” He said inside the building there is extensive renovations and remodeling of the lobby, concession area, gift shop and restrooms along with minor remodeling inside the auditorium.

The outside of the building is receiving extensive renovation with exterior elevations and rooflines being changed, a 20 foot portico, expanded box office space and a new 7400 square foot building in the back of the theatre containing a “Green Room,” a work out facility, rehearsal hall, groups room and offices. He said the construction is ahead of schedule and is scheduled for completion by March 6, the scheduled date of Cooper’s first show in his new theatre.

He went on to say that talent and shows performing in the theatre will match the look of the building in terms of its freshness, excitement and providing Branson visitors with a great entertainment experience. Cooper said that the current plans call for his show, “The Clay Cooper Country Music Express,”  to do 213 shows, Neal McCoy about 76 shows, Buck Trent about 135 shows, a unique show called “Buckets and Boards” about 68 and the possibility of some other surprise appearances on selected dates.

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