Getting a Grip

What is the basis of a good grip? I subscribe to the time honored rule of having the “V’s” formed when you close the thumb and forefinger of each hand point toward the right shoulder. Accomplishing this configuration provides the right amount of flexibility in the hands, plus the necessary control over clubface alignment at impact.

To create this union of hands and club, you should hold the club with the fingers of the left hand. Specifically the club runs from the juncture of the palm and the last two fingers, across the lowest section of the middle finger and the middle section of the index finger. The left thumb should ride just to the right of the center of the grip. The ideal position of the right hand has the palm facing the target. This will have the club lie in the fingers for the right hand. The right thumb will lie diagonally across the grip with only the inside in contact with the club.

To make our hands work in unison they must be joined together. This is where we get the interlocking grip or the overlapping grip. You connect your hands with the little finger of the right hand and the crevice formed by the index and middle finger of the left hand. There is no “right or wrong” choice between the two, a players hand size and strength will factor into the best for each individual.