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Helping with Golf Course Maintenance

This being my first year in the Ozarks, and the recent weather patterns has caused me to now twice acknowledge the coming of spring and with it Golf Season. I cannot say I am certain, but I hope this beautiful weather in finally here to stay.

Spring is the best time to be around a golf course, with the trees blooming and the grass taking its first deep shades of green for the year. It is easy to forget the climate it has just been through for the past several months, and the care it must be treated.

This year has been particularly bad with the warm temperatures early and then the recent dip back into freezing weather; our golf courses suffer tremendous stress, not to mention our superintendents. Whether maintaining a golf course like my new friend Travis or growing one in like my superintendent Toby, they need our patience and respect.

Think for a moment the work that you put into your own yard. We mow, edge, weed flower beds, water, fertilize and the list goes on and on. It can seem like our weekends are not long enough too accomplish everything. Now imagine that your yard is 200 times the size it is now? That is what it is like to be a Golf Course Superintendent.

I challenge each of you, who play what I consider to be the greatest game ever invented, to take a little more action in bettering your own golf course. Think about your last Nassau game where you hit that “perfect tee shot” only to have it come to rest in a divot? Or how many ball marks do you have to fix on Wednesday afternoon in order to try and make that fifteen foot birdie putt to tie up a pocketful of skins? Try a little harder while you are out there, just because a ball mark is not in your line, does not mean that you can not fix it while you wait your turn to putt.

Even in this modern era of golf course technology, remember a superintendent is only just one man. There a whole lot more of us out there tearing up the golf course everyday than there are of them to fix it. Let’s help out.

As a member of the PGA, I may have given this topic too much press. I am looking so forward to spending the coming months with you giving you tips to help you with your golf game and answering any queries you send me, I just do not want to spend all season explaining the best way to hit a three iron out of a divot.

This week join me in thanking your local superintendent, and trying to help him out. Next week it will be all golf!

Fairways and Greens!

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