Branson Visitor Profile

Branson visitors say the source most often used to help them research and plan their trip to Branson is their own previous experience, visiting specific websites of area attractions, hotels, etc. or making a direct reservation by telephone.

Sources Used to Plan Branson Trip
Previous experience46.7%
Website specific to an attraction, hotel, airline, etc.24.8%
Direct reservation by telephone21.2%
The Branson Vacation Guide17.3%
Online Travel Agency7.0%

Visitors say they are most influenced by messages they get by looking up information about Branson, or specific businesses, from their computers at home—or from talking with friends.

TV commercial3.8%
Looked up info on mobile media8.2%
Discussed with friends20.1%
Searched for info on attractions, hotels, etc.23.1%
Looked up Branson info on computer30.0%

2014 Visitor Information

    • 21.7% of visitors, this was their first time.
    • 36.6% of visitors were families
    • 64.8% of visitors were adults
    • 78.5% traveled to Branson via personal vehicle
    • 7.5% traveled to Branson by air
    • 4.4% traveled to Branson via RV/Camper
    • Average adult age was 59.2 years
    • Average party size was 3.88 persons
    • Average amount spent per party was $916 per trip
    • Average length of stay was 4.3 days.
    • Average number of shows seen was 3.51.
    • 15% of visitors came from 100 miles or less
    • 28% of visitors came from 101-300 miles away
    • 27% of visitors came from 301-650 miles away
    • 30% of visitors came from 650+ miles away
    • On a 1 to 5 rating scale, visitor satisfaction measured 4.63