Pierce Arrow a wonderfully “piercing” Branson comedy and musical experience

Jarrett Daugherty sure makes one funny "Texas Ranger."

Jarrett Daugherty sure makes one funny "Texas Ranger."

In a nut shell, the Pierce Arrow show has great music, great comedy and a band to match. It follows the comfortable  Branson musical comedy variety show format with its distinctiveness coming from the great comedy routines of Jarrett Daugherty, the dynamic vocals of Pierce Arrow and its great band.

Comedian Jarrett Dougherty is a very funny guy. He casually opens the show with a stand-up routine as he gets the audience warmed up. Along the way he keeps them in stitches as he cracks jokes and shares little gems of wisdom such as “How to save money on milk while eating cereal.”

Once the show starts Daugherty’s routines are worked into the show seamlessly at strategic points to provide a comedic change of pace.  Jarret’s cousin Chip shows up and, among other things, shares the three rings of marriage. Later in the show Chip’s wife “Iona” shows up looking for Chip and gives one swinging dance lesson. Jarret’s “Walker Texas Ranger” routine has as much laughter as the original TV show had “fung fu” moves.

The four member Pierce Arrow Band is composed of its musical director, Bobby Blackburn who also plays the key board and banjo, Mitch Keirsey on guitar and mandolin, Randy McConnell playing  bass and Will Henderson on drums. As is the case with most of the live bands playing in Branson, each of the players is an excellent musician. Their rendition of “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” featuring Mitch on the guitar and mandolin and Bobby on keys and banjo, as well as their featured playing in vocal numbers such as “Down Home Alabama” and “Down the Seven Bridges Road” testify as to their ability.

Pierce Arrow, left to right, Cole Currier, Casey Ellison, Gary Korieba, Larry Turner and Tim Storms.

Pierce Arrow, left to right, Cole Currier, Casey Ellison, Gary Korieba, Larry Turner and Tim Storms.

The shows main vocals are provided by “Pierce Arrow” composed of Casey Ellison, Cole Currier, Larry Turner, Tim Storms, and Gary Korieba. From their very first number “Sweet Home Alabama” to the moving finale “Banner of Liberty” the harmonies and dynamic powerful vocals of Pierce Arrow provide an entertaining and moving musical experience.

For example, their rendition of the Eagles standard “Down the Seven Bridges Road” featuring Bobby Blackburn on the banjo was exceptional. However, it’s not just the group singing number after number. It appears that a lot of thought has gone into the vocal arrangements to insure that the vocal talents of each are shared with the audience in an entertaining and interesting manner.
Highlights of that effort would be the performance of Larry Turner, the newest member of Pierce Arrow, of “I Saw God Today,” Casey Ellison’s performance of the “Battle of New Orleans” and the solos by Ellison and Gary Korieba in “I Can Only Imagine.” The combination of bass singer Tim Storms singing “This Old House” and Gary Korieba singing “When the Saints Go Marching In” was beautiful and powerful. The gospel segment of this show is an exceptional musical testimony that moves the heart.

In addition to Pierce Arrow’s vocals, Desta offers vocal variety with numbers such as “Little Rock,”. “My Baby Loves Me Just the Way That I Am” and “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden.” It seems the talent is endless in this theatre, in addition DeAndre Stoval, a back stage supervisior came out and did an outstanding job on “My Girl.”

Pierce Arrow has some of the funniest comedy and exciting, powerful and beautiful vocals in Branson. It should also be pointed out that Pierce Arrow does two different shows each day, a matinee and an evening show. Although most of the cast members are the same the material, including comedy material is different in each show.

Paul Miller, General Manager of the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services said, “Pierce Arrow is one of our most popular shows” and suggests, particularly during the November – December time frame, that early reservations will not only help insure availability, but better seating. For additional information, reservations, or tickets on the Pierce Arrow show or Branson’s other shows, attractions or lodging please call BTC at 800- 785-1550 or through its website www.BransonTourismCenter.com.