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Raiding the Rock Vault at The Starlite Theatre

“Hit Parade” of Rock Music Classics

Think of your favorite rock concert. Epic memories, right? But let’s face it, you got shoved around a bit in the crowd. And at that hot outdoor concert you were, ahem, perspiring; and there were the bugs and…. Now think of this: a rock concert in a venue that’s climate controlled, that has state-of-the-art sound, comfortable seating, and the show is a veritable hit parade of classic rock artists and their legendary songs. No bugs, no *ahem*… just remarkable talent performing your favorite songs in Raiding the Rock Vault!

The vocalists and musicians in the show have all played with famous artists and bands. They’re not strangers to performing at a rock concert. The show, which is on stage at the Starlite Theatre in Branson just through July 22, features music from the greatest rock legends, like The Rolling Stones; Kansas; The Doors; Bon Jovi; Pat Benatar; Fleetwood Mac; Led Zeppelin; Jimmy Hendrix; Aerosmith; The Who; The Eagles; Queen; AC/DC; Journey, and so many more.

Jimi Hendrix & Woodstock footage
Jimi Hendrix & Woodstock footage – Raiding the Rock Vault

Three large video screens enhance the performances with amazing rarely-seen photos from historic concerts, along with photos of crowds – the buses and baby strollers, the mud, the trailers. There are backstories of some of the songs and shows. Did you know Jimi Hendrix didn’t perform at Woodstock until 9 a.m. Monday morning? Did you know Deep Purple was surprised when Smoke on the Water (from their Machine Head album) became such a hit? Pour Some Sugar on Me – that title came from someone asking for sugar. Sugar for what? Did you know that Tom Scholz, who wrote More Than a Feeling, was a graduate of MIT? And who agreed to change the lyrics before performing his song … but then didn’t? (You get four guesses on that one.)

The Raiding the Rock Vault opening night audience at the Starlite was enthusiastic and excited even before the curtain went up. During the show, it took only a note or chord for these rock fans to recognize a song, and they often showed their fervor by standing up and rocking out.

Sarah Hester Ross from Raiding the Rock Vault
Sarah Hester Ross from Raiding the Rock Vault

One female vocalist, Sarah Hester Ross, and three male vocalists, Johnny Solinger, Mark Boals, and John Bisaha, are truly “rock stars.” Flinging their long hair, and costumed in leather and chains and occasional glitter, they are a snapshot in time. The bass guitar player, two guitar players, drummer, and keyboard artist rock out and thrill audiences with classic riffs and refrains. The nonstop music, the energetic performances, the lighting and staging — it’s the stuff rock concerts are made of. After the show, the entire cast is in the lobby to take photos, sign autographs … and they might just be able to answer the question that’s been nagging you about one of your rock heroes.

Don’t miss the chance to see Raiding the Rock Vault at the Starlite Theatre, through July 22. Raiding the Country Vault is on Monday night, July 17 and resumes its regular schedule July 24. Raiding the Country Vault features some of the most talented musicians around and presents a stellar set list of country music’s greatest hits. It’s all at the Starlite Theatre!

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