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Top 10 Fun and Free Things To Do in Branson, MO

Planning an out-of-town vacation usually entails a big chunk out of your savings, but not when you visit Branson. The budget should not keep you from going on a holiday, which is why this is the perfect destination for you and your family. If anything, you should only be focusing on all the fun things to do in Branson, MO. Spend your sabbatical with fun and exhilarating activities!

Check out these highlight destinations in Branson. While you’re at it, don’t hesitate to book your vacation and finally see the wondrous sights for yourself.

Free Things To Do in Branson, MO: Top 10 Fun Highlights

First Stop: College of the Ozarks

college of the ozarks

Visit one of the country’s most distinguished schools with a rich historical background and a breathtaking campus— College of the Ozarks. You can do a self-guided tour to their scenic grounds with fountains and walking paths. If you schedule an appointment, your trip will be guided by students to show you around the school buildings. Once you’re there, don’t forget to dine in the Keeter Center Restaurant for a complete experience.


Second Stop: Historic Downtown Branson

Take an afternoon stroll in the Historic Downtown Branson and enjoy the old-town streets that are full of charm and beauty. Walk along with the historic buildings of some of the earliest establishments like the famous Dick’s 5 & 10 and the quaint Branson Cafe. You can even find old-fashioned ice cream stands all over Downtown Branson.

After the massive fire in 1912, a lot of the business establishments got burned to the ground. Although, a few of them got spared. The other buildings went through a series of reconstructions to put them back according to their traditional structures. The Plum Bazaar, a jewelry and bead shop that sits right in the middle of the Historic Downtown Branson is one of the buildings that made it through the incident.


Third Stop: The Fountain Shows at Branson Landing

Be astonished by the colorful fountain shows at Branson Landing that are displayed all-year-round. The water performances happen in the heart of the town square, which is accessible to watch over dinner and coffee dates in the surrounding restaurants. The water in the basin soars 120-feet high into the air, synchronized, and with grace. It is one of the best free things to do in Branson, MO.


Fourth Stop: Lake Taneycomo Area

lake taneycomo

Go for an outdoor adventure in the vast area of Lake Taneycomo near the Branson Landing and Historic Downtown Branson. Avid fishers visit Branson to have their own memorable experiences in the legendary lake. Aside from fishing, other tourists participate in other water activities such as boating and kayaking. Some others would go trekking or hiking in the White River Valley Trail System at the south side of Lake Taneycomo. But, if you prefer to settle back, you can have a relaxing afternoon picnic in Sunset Park, breathing in the crisp air and admiring the magnificent sunset over Branson, MO.


Fifth Stop: Branson Centennial Museum

If you want to know more about the history of Branson, the Centennial Museum offers free admission to visitors and tourists. You can see the timeline of this town’s history, foundation, and developments over the years. How did it become a famous city that it is now? You can bet it goes way, way back. Find out for yourself as to how it became so old as in the centennial kind of way.


Sixth Stop: Moonshine Beach

Hang-out in the man-made beach along Table Rock Lake, where you can find other tourists and even locals resting and looking forward to the sunset view in this little warm paradise. The admission is not totally for free, but for the small amount of $4 per vehicle access, it’s going to be entirely worth-it. Let the kids cool down and dip into the water, while you sit back and take a breather after a long and tiring (but satisfying) day.


Seventh Stop: Table Rock Lake and State Park

table rock lake

For more outdoor water activities, stop by the Table Rock Lake and State Park, where you can spend days of fun and free adventures right here in Branson, MO. You can also have an excellent time swimming, water-skiing, boating, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and camping in the remarkable Table Rock area.

The best season to go for a hike or a bike in the Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is during the spring. This season is when the flowers are blooming all over the sides of the trail. You can find wildflowers and other rare plant species. However, if you decide to visit in the fall, you will also witness the bright, beautiful colors of nature. It is just the perfect time to take a glimpse of the stunning Table Rock Lake view.


Eighth Stop: Lindwedel Winery

The Curling Vine Winery is Branson’s first and oldest winery, while the Mount Pleasant Winery is the newest addition that also features award-winning, locally-made wines. However, the Lindwedel Winery is undoubtedly something that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Branson, MO. This winery is at the overlooking hill in the Ozark Mountains that gives a romantic ambiance during the free wine tasting. Sip your wine and call it a day while unwinding this exquisite lofty property.


Ninth Stop: Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower

After seeing Branson through the Ozark Mountains’ point of view, look back to the ancient lands by acquiring a free ticket to enter the Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower. It showcases a seemingly delightful and extraordinary experience for the picturesque lovers.

Get FREE tickets from to enjoy the view from the Inspirational Tower at Shepherd of the Hills. Contact us to know how!


Tenth Stop: Highway 165 Scenic Overlook

Along Highway 165, you will find the perfect spot where you can see all of Branson’s majestic views. It’s a special place to capture priceless moments with family and loved ones, which can serve as a highlight to your whole trip to Branson, MO. As you drive around the area, you won’t be able to resist reveling in this stunningly dramatic and scenic view that will surely mark a memory of a lifetime. 


What’s Next?

There are more fun things to do in Branson, MO!

When you visit Branson, you will find other tourist spots to explore without spending thousands of dollars from your pocket. These terrific destinations in Branson are available for you to discover the splendor of this old city. 


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