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Like a Local: Mr. B’s Ice Cream Parlor

Welcome back to Like a Local! We love everything about our unique town, and we’re excited to share all the favorites of Branson locals with visitors from near and far. Next time you vacation to Branson, take a day or two to adventure like a local and visit all of our Like a Local locations!

This week on’s Like a Local, we’re featuring a downtown and local favorite: Mr. B’s Ice Cream Parlor! Located on the corner of BUS 65, also known as S 2nd St, and Highway 76, also known as W Main St, Mr. B’s Ice Cream Parlor has been in the same location since the late 70’s!

Join us in our interview with Timothy Haygood, a member of the talented Haygood family and owner of the shop!

Q: How long have you been open in downtown Branson? 

We purchased Mr. B’s 1 year ago, but it has been downtown on the same corner since the late 70’s. Before it was an ice cream shoppe, it was all kinds of different stores!

Q: What sparked the idea to open up a shop/storefront downtown?

My brother Patrick has a gift shoppe next door called H & H Goods. He had been friends with the owner of Mr. B’s and got word he was looking to sell. We were very worried someone would come in and change everything or even tear out Mr. B’s. We remembered going there as kids and felt a responsibility to preserve the shoppe and its history, and it was a great business as well. We got a group of investors together and purchased the place 3 months later!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a part of Branson’s downtown community? 

Downtown is like stepping back in time, and everything in downtown is privately owned with no chains! The owners are friendly and work together to promote it. Dick’s 5 and 10 is legendary, and we work closely with them to promote Downtown. We are all working together to make downtown an evening destination and stay open late in the Summer and Christmas Seasons.

Q: What are your hours in town? 

During the Summer and Christmas Seasons, we are open 11 AM – 9:30 PM. During the Fall and Spring seasons, we’re open 11 AM – 7 PM.

Q: If YOU could only have one thing from Mr. B’s, what would it be? 

Traditional Banana Split! We LOAD it up with everything Happy!!! 🙂

Q: What is your most famous item at the shop? 

Cobblers, Double dip cones (our serving size is HUGE) and our Homemade Fresh on the Spot Lemonade.

Q: What is the most outrageous thing someone has ordered? 

We’ve had people order a 6 scoop ice cream cone, 40 lemonades to go, shili pie with whipped cream (so weird!!!), and 8 hot dogs with no buns or condiments at all, just plain. Then, someone came in and bought a single banana and a lemon and walked out!

Q: Why did you purchase the business? Why ice cream? 

Because it’s HAPPY AND FUN!!! It’s also a great business, a stellar location and it fits with the image of our clean family show. We envision our children working at the store and keeping it in our family for generations!

Q: Any notable stories about customers or experiences you’ve had while working here? 

We have people come in everyday who say they have been coming there for decades. They are SO happy to hear it will remain Mr. B’s Ice Cream and will always be delicious, reasonable a place kids and adults can come and experience an old fashioned 50’s ice cream parlor in Downtown Branson! America’s Main Street… 🙂

Now, we’re about to get ourselves a Banana Split and Fresh Lemonade! Who’s with us?
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