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Branson Dinosaur Museum Information

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“Branson Dinosaur Museum” is filled with everyone’s favorite colossal creatures! The gigantic, ferocious looking tyrannosaurus rex; better known by the much more cuddly-sounding T Rex, towers an impressive 42 feet; that’s nearly two stories high! With lots of helpful information available to learn more about each of these ancient animals, you’ll discover many interesting things, like how the short front limbs of the T Rex - that maybe don’t look so impressive - were surprisingly powerful. You’ll also encounter the smallest of these centuries-old critters, including the relatively tiny, one-foot-tall microrapter. This four-winged creature doesn’t get the same publicity as the big guys, but he’s definitely interesting and was very abundant among non-avian (non bird-like) dinosaurs. The museum allows you to take as long as you need to explore everything; your self-guided tour will be both entertaining and educational!

“Branson Dinosaur Museum’s” fascinating beasts were each lovingly created by trained paleoartists who carefully fashioned molds from original dinosaur skeletons! This stunningly realistic recreation of each creature allows for the display of a wide variety of dinosaurs. In the museum, you’ll also find a learning center, a fascinating fossil exhibit, a great gift shop, and a special area to hold the best birthday party ever!

They’re dinosaurs, so you know the kids are going to love ‘em! Bring the whole gang to Branson and spend some quality fun and learning time at the spectacular “Branson Dinosaur Museum!”

Standard Ticket
$9.99 (Plus tax)
$7.99 (Ages 4-12)
Veteran Ticket
$8.99 (Plus tax)
$6.99 (Ages 4-17)
Special Veteran rate is for Veteran and Spouse or Guest.