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Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure Information

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The “Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure” is Branson’s breathtaking jungle-like experience within a castle! Boasting several different areas that celebrate the stunning beauty of Mother Nature’s creations, some of them her most fragile beings, the “Butterfly Palace” is not only a sight to behold; it’s an extraordinary interactive experience. The natural environment created for butterflies and other small creatures includes winding paths, lush gardens, lovely flowers and, of course, trees perfect for climbing or perching by the geckos, birds, and tree frogs you’ll encounter.

In the Butterfly Aviary, you’ll find a 7,000 square foot garden of tropical plants with birds and tropical butterflies everywhere! The Living Rainforest Adventure is where the inhabitants include salamanders, chameleons, colorful poison dart frogs, and even giant cockroaches, all critters you can view, safely, up close and personal! The Emerald Forest Mirror Maze lets you imagine what it’s like to venture under the heavy canopy of green growth in the rainforest. Like the name implies, the direction you need to go might not be entirely clear; go right or go left? You’ll need to navigate your way through the maze and, of course, be grateful that you’re having fun and not trying to find your way through a real rainforest! In the Banyan Tree Adventure, you can find your way through the twisting, winding roots of this replica Banyan Tree, the national tree of India, and pay a visit to the Magic Pond. In the Rainforest Theater, there’s a 15 minute 3-D film on the life of the butterfly. There’s also a video that tells all about one of the butterfly farms in Costa Rica that some of the butterflies are imported from, they are on a mission to preserve the Rainforest. The purchase of butterflies helps support this cause!

I might sound like there’s a lot to see and do at the “Butterfly Palace,” but there’s actually so much more! To really understand and enjoy everything they have to offer, you need to take the entire family to Branson’s “Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure!”

Standard Ticket
$18.95 (Plus tax)
$9.95 (Ages 4-12)