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Address Position for Swinging

Grip, Stance and Posture… We are moving towards the sound elements of a golf swing. Today we put them together to actually get into our address position and aligned towards our target.

How we approach the ball is one of the most important elements in our game. The process of getting into the address position creates both a psychological and physical mood vital to the success of each shot. Far too many golfers approach the ball from a 90 degree angle, or directly from the side. This practice makes us twist our head and look over our left shoulder to see the target line and address the club to it. This disorients them and results in the endless “jiggle and twist” you observe as they try to get comfortable.

Another problem created by this type of approach it the tendency it produces to stand too far from the ball and “reach” for the ball. As you remember “reaching” promotes the three main faults at address: weight on toes, knees locked and shoulders slumped.

The only completely reliable way to get into address position is to start from behind the ball. This gives you the proper perspective on where you want to go. Your eyes, the ball and the target are all on the same line. Approach the ball from the side on a shallow arc to the target line.

The first “solid” position in the address is taken with the right foot, which should be placed square to target line slightly behind the ball. Next, put the club head behind the ball with the clubface square to the target. Finally step into the ball with the left foot, keeping in mind your ball position. You are now in the prime address position.

There are many poor shots that are hit during every round of golf that are due in large part to a poor address position. It is impossible to hit a good shot from a poor position!

Our natural tendency is to swing the club to where you are looking, not to where you are aligned. I see many players who line up well to the right of the target, while keeping their eyes on the target. They then “swing the club from the top” causing them to cross over their target line and pull the ball well left or their target. They then automatically line up further right on their next shot, believing they are correcting the problem, while actually only compounding it.

Remember these few simple tips before you prepare to hit your next shot and after some “retraining” of your eye you will see great improvement in your ball striking.

Next week we begin the full swing…

Fairways and Greens!

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