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Golfing Tempo

While running from one spot to the other, dodging construction crews and listening to the incessant ringing of my cell phone the week prior to opening the golf course, it dawned on me the hectic pace of everything around me and it only made perfect tense to revisit a subject we briefly discussed in a previous article… Tempo.

Regardless of how mechanically and fundamentally sound a golf swing is it will not generate positive results if the overall tempo is too fast. Although there is no definite amount of time it should take to swing a golf club, there is a proper rhythm of how it should take place.

Everyone in today’s society seems to be living in the “fast lane.” From the way we drive, order food, text message etc… Remember golf is supposed to be a relaxing game built to take in the beauty of nature and your surroundings, while playing a game where strong, weak, short and tall can equally compete against the golf course.

Determining that your tempo is off on the golf course is a pretty easy flaw to diagnose. If you are playing alone and seem to be hitting a lot of shots thin, and not getting the proper ball flight then the first cause I would look at is your tempo and try to slow down. Should you be playing in your usual group, don’t be afraid to listen to your golfing buddies. Although none of them may be tour pros, they do see your swing more often than anyone else and can pretty easily see if you are swinging faster than usual.

However, I always believe it best to avoid a problem rather than try to correct one. The tempo of your golf swing is no more than an extension of your overall mood and actions. If you are rushing to get to the golf course or hurrying to finish a round to get home for dinner it will be exposed in your golf swing.

Some exercises for you to work on to improve your golf swing tempo can be as simple as making you leave in enough time to get to the golf course before your tee time to leisurely prepare for your round, rather than tying your shoes on the way to the first tee like a couple of the guys I play golf with. Another would be if you play golf with someone who has a particularly fast swing, just don’t watch them swing or it will influence your tempo. Conversely if there is someone in your group that has a very nice fluid swing don’t be afraid to closely watch their actions leading up to hitting a shot and try to emulate some of their tendencies while preparing for your next shot.

Tempo is the piece of the puzzle that ties it all together in making a solid mechanically correct golf swing. Try to spend some time slowing down both your golf swing and your life in general. We only come this way one time, enjoy it!

I am headed back to the “rat race” of opening a new facility, but I believe I will take my own advice and slowly walk back into the maelstrom.

Fairways and Greens.

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