Interstates & Highways
Major Interstate & HighwaysHighway 65
Highway 76
Highway 13
Highway 86
Interstate 44 (35 Miles)
Motor Carrier Services18
Local Terminal Services3
Package Delivery ServicesYes
Interstates & Highways
Names of RailroadsMissouri Northern Arkansas
Missouri Pacific Railway
Piggyback Ramp ServicesYes
Distance Nearest Piggyback Services1 mile
Infrastructure (Name of navigable river)Missouri (Kansas City, St. Louis)
Mississippi (Cario, St. Louis)


AirportSpringfield/Branson RegionalM. Graham ClarkBranson Airport
Distance (miles)40511
Drive Time (minutes)45518
Runway LightingYesYesYes
Length of Runway (Feet)8,000 & 7,0003,7397,140
Number of Runways211

Metro Area Distances

CityDriving DistanceFlight TimeDays by TruckDays by Rail
Springfield, Missouri35 milesN/A11
Joplin, Missouri123 miles1 hr11
Jefferson City, Missouri170 miles1 hr11
Little Rock, Arkansas175 miles1 hr11
Kansas City, Missouri220 miles1 hr11
Tulsa, Oklahoma220 miles1 hr11
St. Louis, Missouri230 miles1 hr11
Memphis, Tennessee300 miles1.30 hrs11
Dallas, Texas433 miles1.30 hrs22
Chicago, Illinois541 miles1.30 hrs22