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National Tiger Sanctuary

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The “National Tiger Sanctuary” in the Branson area is an excellent educational and entertainment experience for young and old alike! You’ll be awed by the size, strength, and agility of many of the Sanctuary’s wild creatures. You’ll also be amused at their playful antics, and touched deeply by the stories of how many came to live in this magnificent haven in the Ozarks where beautiful, exotic animals are given a home that carefully and lovingly resembles their natural habitat as much as possible. Many of these unfortunate creatures come from private homes where care was often inadequate and complete neglect too often a reality. At the “National Tiger Sanctuary” a carefully and regularly inspected, non-profit organization, animals are provided with appropriate food, enough space in which to properly live and play; individualized care and, of course, an incredible amount of love!

As a visitor to the “National Tiger Sanctuary,” you’ll witness behaviors that come from their natural instincts, as well as the pure happiness that comes from being treated with love and respect. The Sanctuary houses several species of wild animals, including an African Lion, a Black Leopard, a Bengal Tiger, and several Bengal/Siberian Tigers, as well as other mixed species. The organization that created the “National Tiger Sanctuary” did so in response to a dire and growing need to rescue tigers and other wild cats that have been inappropriately kept as pets. Guests can watch them in a natural habitat, from a safe distance of at least three feet, including helping to feed the animals through a specially-designed tube, and learning more about them in a fun, classroom experience. The safety of guests and the animals is a top priority at the “National Tiger Sanctuary,” so getting too close or petting these seemingly cuddly creatures cannot be permitted. You’ll learn that these lovable creatures are still wild animals that need your care from a distance. In addition to the exotic beasts, there are several domestic animals that have found ‘sanctuary’ at this amazing facility.

With different types of experiences custom-designed for visitors, the “National Tiger Sanctuary” offers an experience like no other found in Branson! Make plans for your family’s animal adventure now!

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